You've probably got here through my twitter, but if not, hi.

This site is a collection of all the different stuff I do or want to show off. Everything is stream of conciousness but I did at least sort it into catagories.

Useful hacks

Dynamo headlight battery pack: Keep your bike's lights lit up even when you're not moving, and helps eliminate flickering from LED replacement bulbs.

Notes on Raleigh bikes: Various thoughts on rod brakes, three speed hubs, etc.

Powermac G4 resurection: Powermac G4's with broken PSUs are avaliable for next to no money - the only problem being their power supply is completely proprietary. Here's how I replaced it with a Standard ATX supply.

World's cheapest softbox: Plans for a cheap/free lighting softbox, for video and photography indoors.

Design concepts

2018 Velocar: The 1930s french pedal car updated with modern componentry.


Raleigh superbe: A 1940s bike that's better than what you can buy now.

Furry Trash

Refsheets: Blueprints of my weird online psudonym.

Commissioned art: Did you know people draw stuff if you pay them?

Useful links The Electronic Intifada independent journalism on the occupation of Palestine Independent journalism that pays heavy attention to human rights abuses by the United States TeleSUR, South American socialist news network Newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain / Marxist-Leninist Newspaper of the old CPGB; unofficially official paper of CPB Newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba : People's Daily online, People's Republic Of China daily newspaper and News of the Chinese Communist Party International site of the KKE, Communist Party of Greece : Newspaper of the Worker's Party of Korea archive of poltical theory and correspondence of famous Marxists. Go-to archive for Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others. Sadly appears to be ran by fans of Trotsky, which I understand is a common ailment of people from anti-communist societies. rhizzone archive of less obvious marxist works

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